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Skip the Traffic: Fun Things To Do Without Having to Drive

In the wake of the pandemic, fewer people are flying, crossing state lines, and leaving the country for vacations. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay home and miss out on the joy of traveling. If you’re looking to get out and do something but don’t want to deal with transportation and parking, consider […]

Guest Etiquette When Taking a Limo

It seems pretty self explanatory that when you ride in a limousine, you want to show respect to the driver as they are responsible for your safety and show respect to the vehicle that you’ll be riding in by not leaving a mess. That may sound easy when you are riding by yourself, but what […]

Make Date Night Memorable with a Private Limo

Looking to make date night extra special? Don’t want to worry about the hassle of driving into town? Is your car in the shop or is it just not up to snuff? Don’t take a chance on public transportation. Arrange for a limo service to pick you and your special someone out for a cre […]

Is It Safe To Rent a Limo During a Pandemic

If you need to travel and are weary about riding on public transportation, hiring a private chauffeured car service is a great way to get you where you need to be. Plus you won’t have to worry as much about cleanliness and safety when it comes to taking a car service wherever your destination may […]

How To Choose The Best Limo Service

With so many limo companies out there how can one possibly choose the right limo service in the Philadelphia area? Just like in school the answer is to be prepared and do the research. Here are some tips for you to select the best limo service for whatever occasion you may need. Reviews: Check out […]

Family Getaways During Covid 19

The process of planning a quick family getaway during the current situation with Covid 19 can be stressful and overwhelming. King Limo offers private limo service and charter bus services that can make your getaway less stressful. Getting your family from point A to point B can be easy and fun and safe. King Limo […]

Limo Rental: The Safe Way to Get Around During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed life for almost everyone. Not only must we all be more aware of our actions since we put ourselves and other people at risk, but also adapt to new norms as businesses make changes to keep us safe. Should your holiday plans include travel, consider using a limo service in New Jersey. […]

Transportation – King Limousine

A wedding is a chance for a marvelous celebration. People come together to celebrate love. Planning a wedding in the middle of COVID-19 presents a great many challenges. However, such challenges can be overcome with proper planning, attention to detail and a willingness to think in new ways. Working closely with experts in wedding planning […]