Business Basics: Send a Limo

Why You Should Use a Corporate Car Service

What is it that sets successful businesses apart from their competitors?  More often than not, it’s style. People prefer computers from Apple not because they are better computers, or more cost-effective, but because the Apple brand has cachet. It speaks to something beyond common sense; the innate human desire for conspicuous luxury. Style doesn’t have to be more expensive, either (although it often is). Style just has to be sophisticated.

That’s why you should consider some of the options for limousine rentals in New Jersey when decide how to operate your business. Limos are classy, and having one sent for you is just about the most stylish thing you can enjoy if you’re not an Oscar nominee. If you are courting a client, or a prospective employee, which business do you think they will choose – the one that sends a limo, or the one that places the stress and cost of finding your location on them?

Sending a limo shows that you care about them as a human being. You want to make their life easier, and you really respect what they bring to the table. You can show that you want to provide them with five-star service, and that you will not be constantly externalizing nickel-and-dime expenses like transportation onto them. They get the appearance of luxury, and you get the peace of mind that goes along with fixed costs you can claim as reasonable business expenses come tax time. “It takes money to make money,” as they like to say, but in this case you can get the money back, even after spending it to make the day of someone who is important to your business. Limousine rentals in New Jersey, or anywhere, are an amazing way to mark your business as the very top performer in its class.

Contact your local limo company for more information on how you can add a touch of class to your business transportation needs.

Business Basics: Send a Limo

There are several different options that you may consider for your limo service needs. However, not every provider offers the same level of service. As a local provider with a strong reputation for quality service, we would love to earn your business. Contact us today to see for yourself how we strive to exceed your expectations or visit our website here.



The largest collection of fleet & limo driven vehicles in the Tri-State Area


Your connection for global chauffeured transportation

24 /7 Full Service

For your convenience we offer round-the-clock limo service for wherever you need to go. Our commitment to our customers is to always provide dependable, reliable transportation service while getting you to your destination safely.

35 + Years Experience

For over 35 years, we have maintained an impeccable safe driving record. Before our chauffeurs are hired they must pass a drug & alcohol screening, a criminal background check and motor vehicle record checks are mandatory plus monthly random screenings for all of our drivers.

Largest Fleet in Area

King Limousine started with a single vehicle and has grown into the largest fleet in the area. With vehicle ranging from executive sedans to luxury buses and everything in between.  We have the right vehicle to satisfy your needs.

Worldwide Service

We have developed a network of affiliates across the country and around the globe, allowing us to handle your ground transportation needs. From local to national to international let King Limousine take you there.

Group & Event Specialists

King Limousine can manage the technical aspects of planning transportation for your group’s transport from the time they step off the plane, to the time they arrive at their destination. You can count on King Limousine to handle all the details.

No Limit on Group Size

Whether transporting a party of ten or one thousand King Limousine has you covered. Our team has the experience and training to handle large group moves and events and can assist you in making sure that no detail is left unattended.



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I wanted to thank the staff at King Limo for going above and beyond to work with me on transportation for a recent client meeting. There were many changes and additions over the three days, and you were able to accommodate all of the them. The drivers were professional and punctual and called me upon pick-up and drop off of our clients. Ro, Diane, Noreen and Nikki all worked with me on reservations and were efficient and patient with last minute requests, and Ted and others in dispatch were great with follow-up calls and the scheduling of additional drivers when needed. I hope I did not leave any names out, please be sure to pass this along to all involved.

November 4, 2015

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