Skip the Traffic: Fun Things To Do Without Having to Drive

In the wake of the pandemic, fewer people are flying, crossing state lines, and leaving the country for vacations. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay home and miss out on the joy of traveling. If you’re looking to get out and do something but don’t want to deal with transportation and parking, consider these fun local activities you can do on a budget.

Go to a Sporting Event
When was the last time you relaxed and watched one of your favorite teams play? Many sports fans get bogged down in work all week. When they get home, they’re too tired to travel and simply put the game on tv at home.

But there’s nothing quite like a live sports event, especially when your team is winning. Instead of doing the same old thing, grab a few friends or a date and get tickets to a live game. Whether it’s hockey, football, or any other sport, you can book a ride to drop you off and pick you up when the game is over.

Schedule a Date Night
Date nights can become more stressful than they are relaxing, especially when you’re headed downtown, driving in traffic on a Friday night, or looking for parking in places like Philadelphia or New York.

To pull off a date night that is stress-free, book dinner reservations in advance and choose what activity you want to do ahead of time (e.g. concerts, nightclubs, wine tastings, art museums, etc). By booking transportation, you can be picked up from home and dropped off right where you want to go – no parking headaches, no hassle.

Have Company
Wishing you could see friends or family from out of town? Maybe you don’t want to travel because of the pandemic, but others might be dying to scratch their travel itch. Plan a weekend to take friends or family to new hotspots in your area – You might take them out to dinner, to a concert, or a comedy night. You can arrange to have them picked up in style from the airport or wherever they’re arriving from.

Go on a Nature Outing
Sometimes the hustle and bustle of city life – or suburban life – can get tiring. Planning a long walk, going birdwatching, or doing anything else out in nature is all you need for a profound reset and a change of pace. Get away from technology and work and spend time relaxing at a nature spot within walking distance of your house.

Plan a Staycation
Sometimes the most restorative vacation is one you take in the comfort of your own home. If that doesn’t sound exciting, you can plan a staycation in a luxury hotel that’s not too far from home. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy local restaurants, head over to the spa, and come back to a clean and luxurious room with dinner served to you.

Make the Most of Local Travel
Sometimes you don’t need an exotic, far-away vacation to have fun. Some simple planning and the help of a local Philadelphia transport service can make any local adventure a breeze.

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