How We Use Technology to Enhance Your Ride

Car Service in Pennsylvania

Just as advances in technology are forever changing the ways we live, work, and play, so has it impacted the world of transportation. Self-driving cars present a new frontier, personal drones offer an innovative way to explore places where humans cannot, and in-flight Wi-Fi helps reduce waiting times at airports worldwide. These are just a few of many changes that have revolutionized our understanding of transportation as we know it. The following technologies at King Transportation will make your next car service in Pennsylvania a breeze. 

1. Back-up assistance

Drivers are always on call to pick up and deliver our customers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about them when they could be in trouble. With a new phone application called “SAVR” (Smart Avail Vehicle Response), drivers can report their whereabouts. It allows us to monitor the whereabouts of our drivers and will automatically notify us if a driver is late for work or in an accident that requires immediate attention.

2. Real-time dispatch

We use cell phone technology to have real-time contact with our drivers, which means we can reach them even if they are out of range. We use it when we are running late for a job, and our driver is waiting for customers at the next stop. Communication isn’t just about talking to others, though; it’s about ensuring everyone is safe before and after a ride has been completed.

3. Pay-as-you-go programs

All of our programs depend on technology, including the options we offer to our customers. When customers need to buy a pass before getting a ride, we can allow them to do so from the convenience of their mobile phones. It is excellent for people who frequently take the bus and want to keep track of their rides throughout the week.

4. Driver safety training

We firmly believe that safe drivers are the best drivers. We offer online driver training, both for experienced and inexperienced drivers alike. This training gives you the tools to keep your customers safe and beneficial for our insurance requirements because we require all of our drivers to participate in this training program.

5. Customer safety tips

We are not just driver trainers; we are customer trainers as well. We offer a website to help our customers stay safe on their rides. The site takes a scientific approach to safety, and it explains the importance of wearing helmets and making sure that all passengers are buckled in before you depart. With this helpful information and an advanced algorithm, our site can tell you the safest route to take to ensure that your ride is as safe as possible.

6. Smartphone payment options

We use the most advanced mobile technology available so that you can pay for your rides by mobile phone. It allows you to pay for your ride, which is incredibly convenient when going from one place to another.

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All these technologies used in transport at King Transportation rank us the best car service in Pennsylvania. We have invested in various technological advancements to improve our services and provide the safest ride possible for our customers. Contact us today to schedule your next ride with King Transportation.