Reasons to Book a Limo for a Philadelphia Phillies Game

Reasons to Book a Limo for a Philadelphia Phillies Game King of Prussia

You’ve checked the schedule, called your buddies and bought the tickets. Now it’s time to think about the hard facts. The commute and parking for a Philadelphia Phillies home game can be stressful. It’s often packed and hard to find a good spot. Do you all pile into one car so that everyone can arrive together, or try to meet at a specific place and time? How does a designated driver get chosen? Instead of dealing with the logistics, consider booking a limousine company.


The average cost to park at Citizens Bank Park is $18. It’s approximately an hour drive from King of Prussia, so a tank of gas will be used for the round trip. If parking isn’t needed and everyone can share the price of a single tank of gas, using a limo is already more affordable.


Is it better to use I-95 or I-76? At the stadium, parking and getting to the entrance can be frustrating and time consuming. When a limousine company is used, there’s no need to worry about the route, and drop offs can be quick and easy.

After the game, go to the designated pick-up area at the agreed-upon time. Instead of focusing on driving and watching for the crazy things people do trying to leave faster, you can focus on reliving the big plays, bad calls and who caught the game-winning ball.


Start the party early. Ask the limo company to include coolers, and bring your favorite beverages for the ride. Go ahead, celebrate the big plays and keep the party going on the trip home. You can sit back, relax and let someone else drive.

Get caught up in the excitement and energy of game day without the stress of driving. Book a limousine company to get you to the game and home again without the hassles that come with the normal commute. Don’t worry about the traffic: there is a professional behind the wheel.

Reasons to Book a Limo for a Philadelphia Phillies Game

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