Tips for Getting to the Airport on Time

Tips for Getting to the Airport on Time

We’ve probably all done it at least once in our lives. You lose track of time or something out of your control happens and suddenly it’s a race against the clock to make your flight. Parking, luggage, security…all of them seem to be working against you. Your stress levels go through the roof and what could have been an enjoyable trip turns into a nightmare.


Missing a flight is no fun. Not only can it ruin your day it can ruin your entire trip. But with the right planning it’s a situation you can avoid. We’re a limo service serving Greater Philadelphia and we help people get to the airport comfortably and on time on a daily basis. Here’s a few tips you can use to never miss a flight again.


Be Ready Well in Advance


Getting to the airport on time starts days before you’re scheduled to leave, because you want to leave as few things to chance as possible. If you wait until the day of your flight to pack you won’t have any time to pick up essentials you didn’t realize you were out of. Making stops on the way to the airport to pick up needed supplies is a sure way to wind up having to beat the clock.


Make a checklist a few days before your flight. Try to add everything you’ll need to take with you on your trip, including clothes, toiletries, medications, reading material, etc. Be thorough. You can always opt to leave something on the list at home but if it’s not on your list to begin with there’s a good chance you’ll forget it.


Then a day or two before your flight use your checklist to get everything packed, other than the few things you need the day of your flight. This way you’ll have plenty of time to pick up any missing items long before your flight is scheduled to leave.


Plan to Arrive at the Airport Early


It’s a good rule of thumb to try and arrive at the airport two hours before your flight. This isn’t because you actually need that much time. Even with long security lines two hours is plenty of time generally. The idea is to add in padding in case anything goes wrong. If you plan to get to the airport two hours in advance and something delays you by an hour you still have an hour to make your flight.


Hire an Airport Shuttle


Yes you have other options, but none are as safe or as reliable as an airport shuttle. As a limo service serving Greater Philadelphia we understand well what differentiates a limo service airport shuttle from your other options.


There’s public transportation. It’s cheap, yes. But it takes a very long time and can stop operating unexpectedly. Imagine if were sitting on a subway train and it stops running on the way to the airport. It happens. And you’d be stuck, sure to miss your flight. There’s Uber and Lyft as well, but their drivers receive no training nor drug screenings. They literally let anyone drive. Particularly when you’re trying to get to the airport the last thing you need is to get lost or get into an accident.


Airport shuttle drivers receive extensive driver and safety training to make certain that when you hire a car, it gets you where you need to be quickly, safely and on time.


Tips for Getting to the Airport on Time

Next time you’re flying out of the Philadelphia area, give us a call! We here at King Limo, a limo service serving Greater Philadelphia will pick you up and get you to the airport on time and in style.


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For over 35 years, we have maintained an impeccable safe driving record. Before our chauffeurs are hired they must pass a drug & alcohol screening, a criminal background check and motor vehicle record checks are mandatory plus monthly random screenings for all of our drivers.

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I wanted to thank the staff at King Limo for going above and beyond to work with me on transportation for a recent client meeting. There were many changes and additions over the three days, and you were able to accommodate all of the them. The drivers were professional and punctual and called me upon pick-up and drop off of our clients. Ro, Diane, Noreen and Nikki all worked with me on reservations and were efficient and patient with last minute requests, and Ted and others in dispatch were great with follow-up calls and the scheduling of additional drivers when needed. I hope I did not leave any names out, please be sure to pass this along to all involved.

November 4, 2015

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