Tips To Improve Your Airport Travel Experience


Tips To Improve Your Airport Travel Experience

Air travel may be exciting or just routine, almost every air traveler has to wonder if getting to their flight is going to be a hassle. If you follow these handy airport travel tips, you can avoid the hassle.

Preplan Your Parking

In the event you’re not taxied or bussed to the airport, you may have to drive there yourself, but you don’t want to be stuck exploring lots looking for that one empty spot. The good news is that many airports actually have status updates on their parking lots available on their websites or on automated telephone lines. If this information isn’t available, take a scouting run to the airport ahead of time or find a map of their parking spaces. Consider an off-airport lot if necessary.

Get To The Airport Early

If you’re looking for airport travel tips to get you past long lines and security checkpoints, it’s simple. Don’t plan on getting to the airport just a half hour before takeoff. Get there at least two hours before your scheduled flight. If you’re going international, make it about four hours. This will allow for enough time to check in, traverse the security checkpoint and locate your departure terminal.

Carry the Essentials

Think about what you have on your person that will have to be removed before you pass through the security checkpoint. This includes shoes, watches, jewelry and a jacket. Also take note of anything in your bag that will have to be shown to the security official, like big electronics or liquids.  To make sure you get through the checkpoint in a speedy manner, don’t have anything in your pockets that you absolutely do not need. You don’t want to be removing gobs of stuff like cash, keys, loose credit cards or change when you can pack that into your bag. Delays will not only waste time, it’ll tick off people behind you. Following these airport travel tips will take the pain out of air travel and make it smooth, efficient and even enjoyable!


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