Traveling during Covid-19 Holiday Travel

Weddings leave great memories in our minds. It is arguably true that getting the perfect wedding ride will leave a positive impact on both the couples and the guests’ minds. Hiring a private limo service in Bucks county, mainly to offer wedding transportation, may be an uphill task. This is not the case when using King Limousine Company. 

Offering quality transport services to clients is our main aim. When planning a wedding more so during the Covid-19 pandemic, transport is an essential factor to consider. At the culmination of this article, you will have acquainted yourself with some of the tips to consider while planning wedding transport during this pandemic period.

Number of people

Due to the health guidelines given by various health organizations, our vehicles are carrying limited passengers to achieve social distancing. When hiring a private limo service in Bucks county, always consider the number of people.

If there are many people, we advise our clients to hire more than one limousine to accommodate them. We ensure our clients are comfortable while enjoying the ride. It is advisable to book the limousine even three weeks before the wedding.

Booking in advance

While hiring a private limo service in Bucks County, booking in advance is recommended. You may want to hire the limo on your dream day; unfortunately, you find another client already booked that date earlier.

If possible, couples should book limos at least two months before their wedding. If a couple is doing their marriage in June, a month full of weddings, then booking the limo three months prior is an added advantage.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we recommend our clients to make early arrangements of the locations they want to visit during their wedding. Many couples usually love it when they have the church service in one location, a photoshoot in another location, and even the reception on a different location.

Why Use our services

We at King Limousine company, we ensure the safety of our clients comes first. During this pandemic period, we provide our clients with sanitizers before they board our vehicles. We also ensure our clients have worn face masks while boarding our vehicles. Due to health regulations, we are currently carrying a limited number of passengers to achieve social distancing in the limo.

Our company has professional chauffeurs who will enhance the executive feel while enjoying the ride. During the journey, our chauffeurs will play your favorite song on the audio system. Besides that, they are very polite.

Final Thought

Are you looking for the best private limo service in Bucks County? Consider King Limousine company for exceptional transport services.