What to do Before Returning a Limo

What to do Before Returning a Limo in King of Prussia


It goes without saying that Americans are fans of luxurious outings, which is why many of them choose to rent limousines when special occasions arise. Many believe that riding in a limo is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, being a fun and affordable way to create a night to remember. Today, people can be guided through the process of renting a limousine online, resulting in them being able to pick their own ride for the evening.


Limousines in Pennsylvania are rented every single day for a variety of occasions, the most popular ones being the following:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Business Events
  • Social Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor(ette) Parties
  • High School Proms
  • Airport Commutes

With this in mind, it isn’t surprising to hear that many customers end up facing extra charges once the limousine is returned for inspection. Reckless behavior can lead to damages, which will typically result in a limousine company keeping the renter’s security deposit.

In order to have the best time possible, and leave on a good note with one’s limousine provider, renters can benefit from doing the following before returning a limo.

  • Empty out any liquor bottles from the inside of the limousine
  • Clean out any liquid residue off the car seats
  • Ensure that all personal items have been taken out of the limo (getting personal items back can sometimes be an issue due to the volume of limousines a company may own).
  • Thank and tip your driver

Most limousine companies in New Jersey are going to offer a small selection of drinks and snacks, however, this does not extend to alcoholic beverages. This is why it’s appreciated when renters remove their leftover liquor bottles.

Renting a luxurious limousine in Delaware for a special occasion is the recipe for an amazing night. In order to have the best time possible, connect with a reputable and reliable limousine company, and don’t forget to book in advance!

What to do Before Returning a Limo

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