Why Booking Shuttle Transportation for The Holidays is a Smart Idea

Working out a schedule and finding the right time to set up a family holiday can be difficult sometimes. It would be a shame if any part of this special time was not great, especially after all that work. Transportation can throw a major wrench at your holidays, which is why King Limousine suggests you book a Pennsylvania shuttle service for your family.

Benefits of Using a Shuttle Service

We offer a Pennsylvania shuttle service that can make sure transportation from the airport and back is a pleasant one. The following are some benefits we think make this a good idea to consider:

One Group

Most taxi vehicles and ride share services that offer rides from the airport to your hotel are usually relatively small. They may not be able to handle a big family. You are probably getting off the plane with a lot of luggage that would make taking one small vehicle to your destination difficult. Our shuttle service can accommodate large parties as well as your luggage.

True Comfort

King Limousine has shuttle solutions that take comfort to a whole new level. Take the Mercedes Sprinter Limo that can comfortably sit up to 12 people and hold up to 13 large bags. The setup within the shuttle is stunning, thanks to the plush leather seating, and it also comes with a number of entertainment perks, like specialty lighting and surround sound.


The airport is pretty busy, and the idea of figuring out who is going in which car can feel overwhelming when you are just trying to get to your hotel room. The convenience of having one vehicle there ready to load up your belongings and take you where you need to go gives you a sense of peace other vehicle services cannot give you. You’ll want this peace, especially after a long flight with your family.


Our professional drivers have been on the road for a long time; many of them come with not only experience but defensive driving lessons under their belt. This means you and your family are going to be safer in one of our vehicles because you will be driven by someone who knows how to keep you safe. Drivers aren’t always cautious, so it is good to have a professional who anticipates potential risks.

You can trust that if you do book us for a certain time, we will make sure we are there. This is something you don’t get from some of the other services out there. Go ahead and visit our site, or give King Limousine a call so that we can walk you through our shuttle services and how we can make your family’s holiday stay much better.