Philadelphia Airport Shuttle Service

The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is a hub of activity. Every day, there are approximately 53,804 passengers coming through PHL. All need transportation, and many entrust King Transportation with providing airport shuttle service in Philadelphia. Why?

The Airport Shuttle in Philadelphia with a Vehicle for Every Occasion

Some companies believe that a passenger van is what you want to ride in. However, we know that this is not necessarily the case. Therefore, King Transportation is one PHL airport shuttle that features vans, SUVs, sedans, limousines, buses, luxury buses, and Mercedes Sprinter vans. Whether we are transporting a visiting football team, a bridal party, or a tired traveler just coming in on the red-eye, we have the vehicle to make the ride comfortable.

The Philadelphia Airport Shuttle to Hotel Accommodations Customers Want to Stay In

King Transportation does not limit its customers to only one or two hotels. Instead, we provide reliable ground transportation that takes passengers to hotels, motels, and those boutique Airbnbs that are making a trip special.

  • Point to point. No matter where our customers go, there is a professionally chauffeured vehicle ready to take them.
  • Parking lot shuttle. King Transportation is a favorite of bridal parties and destination wedding planners. There is no need for every guest or bridal party member to arrange their own transportation. We handle this aspect of logistics.
  • Executive transportation. As the trusted Philadelphia airport shuttle to hotel venues around the city and beyond, we get a company’s most trusted movers and shakers where they need to be.

When Experience Counts, King Transportation Delivers

The drivers handling our airport shuttle service in Philadelphia are experienced. Not only do they know the area, but they also know the logistics of how to get customers from point A to point B without waiting and wasting time. We direct customers to a waiting vehicle and a friendly driver. While customers relax, our team navigates traffic, avoids road construction, and pulls right up to the front door of the target destination.

The Airport Shuttle Service in Philadelphia That is Also an App

We thrive on accountability, and the King App is just the latest example. Customers download the app and have the full functionality of our services at their disposal. Does a customer need an airport shuttle in Philadelphia? The App makes it easy to set up the service.

  • Make a reservation at any time. When it is convenient for the customer, the App is ready.
  • Manage transportation details. Are there last-minute changes to flight, arrival, or departure times? The App lets customers input the details in real-time.
  • Enhance personal safety. Each aspect of the customer’s trip is accessible. With all travel details in one place, drivers will be on hand as needed when a traveler arrives early. There is never a reason to be sitting in a place that a first-time visitor does not know.

Committed to All Safety Protocols

In the aftermath of COVID-19, some travelers have felt unsure about taking an airport shuttle in Philadelphia. Is it safe? The short answer is yes! Each vehicle is meticulously maintained and cleaned between trips. Our staff members follow the latest safety protocols to protect the health of passengers and drivers.

A Closer Look at Safety Reveals That Our PHL Airport Shuttle Comes out on Top

The customer’s positive experience with King Transportation is at the forefront of our mission. Achieving this goal means that we spend a lot of time putting into place safety protocols that most customers will never need. That said, it is good to know that they are available.

  • Training. Each driver undergoes emergency training. There is nothing that will happen that a driver cannot handle with confidence.
  • Inspections. Each vehicle we put on the road undergoes regularly scheduled safety inspections. We follow all regulations set forth by the federal and local agencies.
  • Checked. How do customers know they can trust the driver that shows up in the vehicle? King Transportation has a rigorous training program for drivers. Yet, before we allow anyone behind the wheel of any vehicle, we run drug and background checks.
  • Tracking. Each vehicle has live GPS tracking enabled. Our dispatchers know at all times where the vehicles are and what route they are taking. Not surprisingly, our customers entrust us with their family members and know that they are never alone.

More Convenient Than a Rental Car

The Philadelphia National Airport has given space to a variety of car rental agencies. Each has its own rules and varying availability of vehicles. The traveler is still on the hook for negotiating the contract, finding the vehicle, handling bag claims, and then dealing with the parking situation at the hotel they visit.

With the King Transportation’s Philadelphia airport shuttle to hotel venues of the customer’s choice, we take the work out of the equation. A friendly driver picks up the customer. There is no rental car that may or may not have been smoked in. Also, there is no need to figure out the hotel’s parking policy and costs.

However, there is no need to take our word for it. Reserving a vehicle is quick and easy. Try it out today!








Freightliner Bus 37 Passenger


Our Freightliner Bus 37 Passenger is our biggest vehicle we carry. If you need maximum room and comfort, this is the vehicle you will want.